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Halo HD helps get Gayle Delaney, American Sweetheart and World Class Gold Medal Figure Skater, back on ice!

Dear Skating Friends,

It has been 2 years and 11 months since I fractured my skull and been off our Sweet Snoopy ice. I thought that if ever I could skate again I would have to wear the Skating Zeplin Costume!

I just never found this outfit in my size. Thank Goodness!

However,  my good news is that Barbara Armstrong, who created the Ice Halos so many of you now wear, has made an even more protective High Density Halo and I shall be wearing it tomorrow at Coffee Club.  She has been in touch all this time and just sent me one of the first made. It is slimmer than the regular Ice Halo, but comes only in black for now.  Although I plan to make sleeves to match my skating dresses, if I can’t convince her to do it for me! The Halo HD exceeds the safety ratings of Canada’s requirements for ice hockey helmets!

And my third CT scan was read twice by a Kaiser radiologist who says I am healed and can go skating as long as I wear my Halo.  So here I come! 



Gayle Delaney, PhD 415-389-1218

Bloggin Note:

Dr. Gayle Delaney’s LinkedIn profile [HERE] will provide sufficient information to demonstrate she is not ‘just another’ Figure Skater!  She has been ice dancing as well as in pairs skating during a period of many years. She skated professionally, and became a United States Figure Skating Association (USFSA) Gold Medalist, a level attained by only the very best ice skaters.

Almost three years ago, her partner fell on the ice and she became our leading Ice Halo Spokesperson for the west cost of America. Although her strong advocating led to the majority of the Figure Skaters of Snoopy’s Home Ice in Santa Rosa, California wearing Halo’s, she herself did not wear an Ice Halo.  The following month she fell. Her fall on the ice was devastating. She fractured her skull and it took two years and 11 months for her to make a full recovery. Her partner, sadly, will never skate again. 

… and yes, Snoopy’s Home Ice is where Jean Schultz, wife of the creator of the Peanuts comic skates!


September 5, 2014

Gayle got back on the ice and her Facebook praises our wonderful, new Halo HD!

Three years after falling and fracturing my skull ice skating, I am back! Thanks in large part to Barb Armstrong and her new High Density Ice Halo HD that will do much to protect me if I fall on my head again before the next 54 year repeat time. My legs were shaky, especially when on deep edges (20-30* angles of body to ice) for which no gym training can prepare anyone. But with time and lots more skating.... I am SOO happy to feel the joy of gliding at speed on the smooth ice! Thank you all, my Snoopy's Home Ice Rink Friends, for your warm and reassuring welcome!

Two of the multiple FB responses she received (as of that very evening!):

Maureen Boyd Biro You look so joyful, Gayle! I miss the ice rink - have to get back there myself. Good to know about the Ice Halo. Skate away!

Pamela Rousseau Looking fantastic! My kids and I have Ice Halos on your recommendation.

Gayle has also offered to do a 2 minute video (sans gratis!)  for Ice Halo relating her full story and the desperate need for everyone to be vigilant when it comes to personal safety and wearing head protection – specifically, the Ice Halo of course! Naturally we'll have it on our website as soon as it's ready!

Ice Halo - 100% Canadian brand known around the world!


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