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Ice Halo Photo Contest!

Ice Halo Wants to know....

Where do YOU where Your Halo?

Send us your pictures of you or someone you know wearing an Ice Halo and we'll enter you in a draw to win a $50.00 gift card to use on any product on our website!  It's that easy!

Tell us a brief story of why you purchased your Ice Halo and where you wear it. Let us know if you feel any differently about your activity now that you have your Ice Halo. Tell us briefly if you have received any comments on your new product - good or bad! Share with everyone why you think they should purchase an Ice Halo product.

If you've got a story - we want to hear it and share it!  We'll post your story along with your pictures on our website. The winner will receive a $50.00 gift certificate and have their picture and story posted on our blog!

There are so many ways people risk head injuries in every day life - we take them for granted... until 'the fall'.

From slipping on the sidewalk getting your mail or walking your dog, to falling backwards in a curling game. We know the risks - you know the risks - we created a product in so many fashionable, fun styles to help you feel comfortable wearing head protection in your every day life in order to help reduce the risk of a painful head injury if you are at risk.

Why not share your story with everyone so they'll know it's "okay" to wear head protection - in fact - It's the most fashionable piece of safety equipment you can wear!

We're looking forward to hearing all your great stories! And looking for our WINNER!

The Ice Halo Team

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