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It's a Halo not a HAT!

We've had a couple of people mention to us that their "Halo popped off their head before they hit the ice" - or - "my toque says one size fits all, but it doesn't fit me"  .... well, we have a few things to share with you that you may have inadvertantly thrown away when you purchased your lovely new Ice Halo product!  The products ALL come with a hang tag. On the back of the hang tag are instructions on how to correctly wear the product you've just purchased.  It's VERY IMPORTANT that you read the instructions and follow them if you want your Ice Halo or Pro-Hat or Halo HD, fit correctly and stay put if you fall!

So -

Wearing  It  Correctly matters!


1. First time wearing:          

   -Open the Ice Halo
   -Hold the Velcro at
   -The SIDE of your
    head. (Either side
    is fine.)



2. Wrap the Ice Halo around your head and attach the Velcro together just above

the tip of your ear. The Halo should be snug - not too tight, but certainly not loose!



  Note:  The WIDEST Section of the Ice Halo is at the BACK of     the head and the Narrow section is across the forehead




3. The Ice Halo MUST be worn with the WIDEST section covering the widest part
of the BACK of your head and the NARROW section covering your brow line.

After this first wearing, you can take your Halo off and put it on without opening the Velcro closures anymore. Only adjust the closure if it feels too tight or loose.

For Pro-Hat wearers:

Wearing your Pro-Hat Toque and Cap Correctly


            Toque style hats:

1. Start by feeling where the WIDEST section of the internal padding is located! This section is the BACK of the toque. The front section has a diagonal separation in order to adjust to multiple head sizes. (the label is usually at the inside back as well)

2. The first time wearing or if the toque feels too tight – with your palms together, put your hands into the toque and open your hands. This will stretch the toque and the inner padding (it’s held together internally with elastic material).

3. Put the toque on your head (widest padding at the back) and pat the sides and back to adjust the fit. Make sure the padding covers your forehead as well!

Ball cap style hats:

1. Unlatch the closure at the back of the cap.

2. Holding the middle of the visor - Tug on the middle back of the padding to make sure it’s stretched out to the back of the cap.

3. Put the cap on starting at the back and sliding it down over the front

4. Once it is fully on your head, tug on the visor to adjust the fit.

5. Re-latch the closure at the back – making sure the cap feels snug.


ALWAYSFor ALL Styles  of  Ice Halo, Toque or Cap:

Ensure the padding is in the right place at the back of your head:

Stand with your back against a wall. The padding of your Pro-Hat should touch the wall, your head should not!

If the padding is not in the right location,

re-adjust the products location on your head.

Make a mental note to keep the padded section over the widest section of the back of your head and the narrow section across your forehead!


Halo HD

The Halo HD is our top of the line protective headband.

It is available in X-S, S, M, L, and X-L
It comes in black, light grey, light green, red, pink, and blue

It's been tested and exceeds the CSA standards for headprotection.

When you put on your Halo HD - start at the back and slide it over the top to the middle of your forehead.  The back "bump" should be pointing UP. The padding should be covering the middle, back of your head - the widest part of your head.

The Halo HD should rest just at the tips of your ears, covering the middle of your forehead and the back of your head.  If it feels snug - GENTLY pull on two points just above each eyebrow. Let the Halo Hd settle back into place. The warmth of your head will allow the Halo HD to conform to create a comfortable fit.




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