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Summerland BC's first annual One Day Junior Bonspiel

We love hearing from our customers! This email is from Summerland Curling Club out in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Gary's club offers the opportunity to try curling to the area schools and it's very successful. 

Hi Barbara.

I’ve attached a photo of our Summerland kids who curled in our first ever one day junior bonspiel. You’ll notice that every one is wearing an Ice Halo. This will go to our local newspaper and I’ve asked them to mention Ice Halo as giving us a big break on price.

What interests me is the response of our kids to offering the caps. We told them that we wouldn’t make it mandatory and that they would have to pay $10 each and that our club would pay the rest. We had 12 kids of 17 registered buy headgear and they faithfully wear them every week and to bonspiels.

We had 20 school classes this year and in the past few weeks have had 2 kids fall on the back of their heads. One got concussion and had to go to the hospital. We’re pretty much convinced that we need to provide head protection for our school classes.


Ice Halo now offers a variety of solutions for clubs who are providing this opportunity to new curlers be it through discounted rates for schools, removable covers to avoid head lice when renting/loaning Halos, to assisting financially in bonspiels. Please contact us to see how we can help your club! And keep these great emails coming!

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