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November is Fall Prevention Month - McMaster University Study

McMaster University Study on Seniors and falls ~

November is Fall Prevention Month. Falls are a major risk to healthy aging for older adults. They are the leading cause of injury in seniors contributing to 1/3 of long term care admissions. Furthermore, falls can lead to mobility challenges, depression, loss of independence and even death. But, they are often preventable. The McMaster Optimal Aging Portal supports the Falls Prevention Month campaign by helping to raise awareness about the issue and by sharing evidence-based information to encourage action to prevent falls. Read their featured resources here on this topic. 

The bottom line is - Prevent falls by changing your surroundings, both indoors and outdoors. Use a cane, wear supportive shoes, remove clutter, and make sure floors and surfaces are not slippery. Get regular exercise and talk to your doctor about taking a calcium or vitamin D supplement to reduce the risk of breaking a bone if you do fall.

Read their featured resources here on this topic to learn how to prevent and correct injuries from a fall

And when you should be wearing head protection - wear either a helmet or your Ice Halo protective headgear.

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