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All Ice Halo helmets meet or exceed CSA standards.  WARNING: Any collision sport is dangerous.  These helmets afford no protection from face, neck, spinal or certain types of brain injuries including those that may be caused by rotational forces.  Severe head, brain, or spinal injuries including concussion, paralysis or death may occur despite using this or any helmet. Do not use if helmet is deteriorated or damaged. Read instructions carefully before wearing. Use no paint, adhesives, cleaners or other chemicals on your helmet. Any of these materials could cause the padding or liner to deteriorate depending upon frequency of use, care and maintenance. Helmet should be inspected periodically and the helmet replaced if the foam or attachments have broken down.

Tous les casques Ice Halo répondent à CSA normes ou les surpassent. AVERTISSEMENT : Tout sport de collision est dangereux. Ces casques ne fournissent aucune protection contre visage, les blessures au cou ou à la colonne vertébrale ou certains types de blessures à le tête. Des blessures graves à la tête, au cerveau ou à la colonne vertébrale, incluant les commotions cérébrales, la paralysie ou la mort, peuvent survenir malgré le port d’un casque. N’utilisez pas un casque dont est ou dont la rembourrure intérieure est endommagée. Lisez attentivement les directives avant l’emploi. N’utilisez pas de peinture, d’adhésif, de nettoyant, ni aucun autre produit chimique sur le casque Tous ces produits peuvent détériorer les casques selon la fréquence de l’usage, l’entretien et les soins. Examinez les casques périodiquement et remplacez le casque si la mousse ou les accessoires sont endommages. Ne pas utiliser si le casque est détériore ou est endommagée.

Supreme Soft Helmet

Introducing the AuraHalo - Supreme - the Ultimate Soft Helmet   

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This patented, revolutionary, soft helmet is definitely the winner for your sport or activity! This "Supreme" version of the AuraHalo comes in an amazing selection of fuax fur trims on a cotton shell. The inside is made of wicking cotton which will draw moisture away from the head to keep you dry.

The AuraHalo  -  Supreme  is a beautifully constructed Aviator style fully protective soft helmet with our Luxury faux fur ear, chin and neck coverings which can be folded up and out of the way, or down for added warmth on the hills and those extra chilly days. All the quality and protection of a soft helmet, with the cool look of our original Snowboarder style.

When you want to look amazing on the hills and have your head protected - this is the Soft Helmet you want to own!

AuraHalo  -  Supreme  - currently only available in Black / Black Rabbit Trim, but you can pre-order any of the following colour choices and they'll be shipped out as soon as they are ready!

 black / black rabbit trim 
 black / wolf trim
 red / white rabbit trim
 white / white rabbit trim
 pink / pink rabbit trim
 grey / wolf trim 
 grey / black rabbit trim

(all trims are faux furs)

Great for tubing, tobogganing, x-skiing, skating, curling and more. You no longer have to fear your favourite sport or activity when you protect yourself with the AuraHalo. Wear it properly and it will reduce the impact of a fall.



Aura Halo & Ice Halo products are designed to reduce the risks of impact to head during participation in non-contact sports and activities, but cannot and does not prevent all risk of head injuries. Participation in curling, Figure Skating and other sports exposes the participant to the risk of injuries, and participation in such sports implies acceptance of such risk.

No helmet, head gear or head protection device can prevent all head, neck or facial injuries. A user may sustain head injuries (which may include concussions or other brain-related injuries) notwithstanding his or her use of Aura Halo or Ice Halo products, and there are areas of the head and face that are not covered or protected by these products. In addition, for maximum performance, it is vital that each product be sized and fitted properly, and replaced promptly if fit loosens over time or falls off during participation in the activity for which it is was purchased.




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Sizing Note:

All versions of the AuraHalo Soft Helmet are available in the following sizes and have a 1.5 to 2" stretch within each size. The stretch for the Supreme may only be 1.5"

Small fits:  20" to 21.5/22"  (51 cm to 55/56 cm)

Medium fits: 22" to 23.5/24"  (55 cm to 60/61 cm)

Large fits: 23.5" to 25/25.5"  (60 cm to 65/66 cm

These sizes will vary slightly if you're wearing your AuraHalo over a ball cap or touque. We don't recommend putting any other touques or hats on top of the AuraHalo Supreme because it may make you extremely warm!

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