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Face Shield

This patent pending design created by Vital Manufacturing in BC, allows you to rapidly attach a face shield to any standard curved baseball cap or visor brim creating a comfortable, visually appealing, lightweight solution that can be worn all day. If you like a hat with a curved brim then this is the face shield for you - if you like to wear your hats trucker style with a flat brim then please let us know and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We do recommend the use of a cloth face mask along with the face shield to further assist in not spreading the virus.

The face shield is installed using three simple injection molded clips to securely hold the lens in place. As the wearer pushes the clip onto the brim, the clamping pressure of the clip to the lens is amplified creating a firm friction hold.

The face shield material is recyclable, crystal clear, and FDA approved. The clips are reusable, and the face shields can be sanitized daily and reused.  Please see below for tips on assembling the face shield and tips on cleaning and care.

This face guard is 100% designed and manufactured in Canada by Vital Manufacturing in BC. These face shields are made of durable plastic and meant to be reused. If you find that your face shield has become scratched or otherwise unusable both the lens and the clips can be recycled.


  1. A  kit contains one lens, one black centre clip, and two grey side clips.
  2. Before fitting the clips to the lens, remove the two white (opaque protective plastic layers. There is already pre-lifted one corner for your convenience.
  3. Slide the black centre clip onto the lens, aligning it with the centre notch.
  4. Next, slide the two grey clips onto either side of the lens aligning them with the corresponding notches. The clips will self adjust as you slide them onto the brim of your ball cap or visor clamping firmly to the lens.
  5. Now slide the face shield onto the brim of your hat by holding tightly to the black centre clip.
  6. Then attach the grey clips to either side. Once assembled, you may notice that the lens has not formed an ideal radius.
  7. To adjust, simply push or pull the side clips slightly to achieve a smooth, personalized fit.

If you have a flat brimmed cap, please contact us for more information - there is a face shield available for this style, and we can order one in for you on request.


  1. Use a soft cloth - similar to what you would use to clean sun glasses.
  2. Wash with warm water and soap or Windex.
  3. Do not clean with stronger disinfectants or Lysol wipes as these could damage the plastic of your face shield lens.
  4. Store assembled if you can - somewhere the lens won't be bumped or scraped.
  5. If your face shield has become scratched please recycle both the lens and the clips

These shields are for stopping the spread of Covid-19 - they are NOT for physical protection from injuries or concussion. These shields are NOT returnable nor refundable.

Stay Safe! Stop the Spread! Wash Often, Maintain a Physical Distance of a minimum of 6', and wear face coverings!





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Sizing Note:

These face shields will fit all curved brim caps and visors. If you wish to order a curved brimmed cap or visor for using your face shield, please visit our Pro-Hats page.  If you only have, or prefer a flat brimmed cap, please contact us for more information as we can order a flat brim style face shield in for you and have it shipped out quickly.

These face shields are all Final Sale.

We recommend wearing a Cloth Face Mask along with the face shield.

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