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Ice Halo vs Figure Skating fall - Halo wins!

Jerry's Story:

Last year, I had a bad fall that smacked my head against the ice. I had a big knot on my head and a headache for several days which convinced me to purchase an ice halo. When I answered the post-purchase survey, I was uncertain about some answers because I needed another bad fall to make a real evaluation.

Last week, I had such a fall. I was making a simple 180 degree turn when I caught an edge. My feet went flying up in the air and I landed on the ice with the back of my head and upper body. My head smacked the ice HARD. People came from all over the rink to see if I was okay. I was! That night, my neck and upper back were very sore; but, my head was just fine. Two days later, I was back on the ice like nothing happened. I never even had a headache; the halo protected my head PERFECTLY. 

My ice halo is now battle tested and the judges have voted:  GREAT PRODUCT!

THANK YOU  62 year old, 275 lb. male Figure Skater in Chandler, AZ.


Jerry F. Jones
62 year old, 275 lb. male Figure Skater in Chandler, AZ.

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