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Every now and then The Ice Halo Team gets a special request

Thanks so much for making my 4 year old daughter's Ice Crown! She wore it in her recent competitions. All of the coaches were really impressed with the look of the crown, and she skated very well with it on taking first place at the June Bug Basic Skills competition against 4 other competitors. I felt really confident as a mom that I had done my best to ensure her safety while still letting her look super cute! Obviously the judges weren't bothered by it either. I think that it is a nice compromise between a helmet and no protection at all.

Every study I have read shows that children under 6 do not have the neck strength to prevent a concussion. Indeed, I confirmed this by talking to a paediatric neurologist friend. U.S. Figure Skating recommends that all kids under 6 wear a helmet. However, at the recent competitions my daughter has done, I only saw one other young child with head protection. I think that the aesthetics of the helmets combined with peer pressure (even from coaches!) and lack of knowledge of the risk all play into our kids being under protected. The Ice Halo offers a solution that is fun while helping to keep our kids safe.

Thanks so much for the custom Ice Halo. My daughter loves it!

Lydia C.

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