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T'Was the month before Christmas

T’was a month before Christmas
And all through the house
Not an idea was stirring
For children or spouse

What should I get them
They don’t already own
Techno or healthy?
Another cell phone?

Ponder no further
The Ice Angel said
Get something protective
For their precious head!

Ice Halo, Pro-Hat
Or maybe Halo HD
Put safety and fashion
Right under the tree!

This Christmas buy the gift that shows you care! Whether it’s a child just graduating to ‘no helmet required’ for skating or a Junior Curler who won’t wear a helmet at all. Maybe that certain partner who ‘has never fallen’ – yet… but we know is at risk of falling any time they go out on the ice, shovel the driveway, walk the dog, or goes cross-country skiing or tubing, ice fishing, curling or skating!

Ice Halo has created a huge selection of protective headbands, touques, ball caps and more, all with a protective inner layer to lessen the impact of a fall on any hard surface.

Email us the words “Snow Fun 2017” when you place your order and we’ll take 15% off your order! And Enjoy Your Holidays this Season!

Hugs from the Ice Angels
the Ice Halo Team

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