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How It All Started: The Story Of The Ice Halo

I absolutely love curling! I watched my husband play for years and then I finally tried it and WOW! What Great Fun!!   But, I almost quit after my very first game! Why?  Because I fell on the ice and ended up with a head injury that turned out to be a serious concussion.  I had all the right equipment – new curling shoes,  a stabilizer, a broom… I took the two day training course – but nothing prepared me for, nor protected me from, hitting my head on the ice.

To this day I don’t recall the fall, nor the ten minutes prior to it for that matter! That time is lost to me now.  According to my teammates my feet just slipped out from under me, I went down backwards with a crash, and even people on the ice three sheets over from us heard the almighty crack when my head hit the ice.

When I stood up my vision remained blurry, my balance was off, needless to say I had a goose egg sized bump on the back of my head, and I had to sit the rest of the game out. My first game and I didn't even get to play two ends.

As the night progressed my condition worsened and I ended up spending the night in the hospital getting x-rays and CT scans – thankfully the results were clear – no internal bleeding, no brain damage, no fractures.  However, I had to stay off the ice for two whole weeks!  In fact, I had to stay in the house resting for two weeks – not that I was capable of doing much else with the way my head ached. 

My apprehension of getting back on  the ice grew bigger the longer I stayed off the ice.  I knew if I didn’t get back on the ice for the next game, I’d probably never curl again.   I had already missed 2 games.   So my husband and I sat down and started discussing various forms of protection for my head that I could wear that wouldn’t make my head too hot, or obstruct my view, or make me feel like a little child still too afraid of falling. 

The result was the Ice Halo.  It doesn’t cover my whole head so it isn’t hot, its light weight so it’s comfortable, it’s secure, and most importantly, it gives me the confidence I need to stay on the ice!  Not only did my confidence on the ice grow, but also because I no longer had to worry about hurting my head like that if I fell, my confidence in my game grew! 
Without fear of another concussion, I could totally focus on my game!  I did so well in my first year curling that I signed up for the Kurl for Kids Charity bonspiel that very same season and curled with the Pros!  Thanks to the Ice Halo, not only did I not quit curling that year, I was confident enough that I wouldn't hurt my head like that if I fell again, that I played with Olympic and World Champions!

Don’t risk losing ice time in your favourite activity – Don’t hold back your best because of that nagging fear of a nasty fall.  Its lightweight, closed cell construction doesn’t make your head hot and the Velcro closures make it adjustable and secure.  The choice of material and colour make it easy to find the right one for you.  It’s available in team colours, and you can customize with your corporate logo.  The Ice Halo is a great way to keep you or your friends and loved ones, safer on the ice.


Don’t You Deserve That Kind of Confidence?


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