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Seniors in Syndey, Nova Scotia wear Ice Halo's

Seniors in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada wear Ice Halos and it's a good thing they do! We received this heart warming, but very frightening 'close call' email from Carol Marusiak, the daughter of one of our East Coast customers:

Just want to thank you for this invention. My father had a bad fall while Curling. The Ice Halo protected his head when it hit the ice. My father would have been dead and I would be planning a funeral.
Again, my family send their gratitude.
~ Carol Marusiak

Carol's father is resting and taking a well deserved four weeks off the ice to recouperate. We'll be sending him a replacement Ice Halo for this type of fall, because we want to make extra sure he'll be just as well protected if he ever happens to fall again.

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